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Alternatives to Regenovue Filler

By March 24, 2023April 10th, 2024No Comments

What is Regenovue Filler? 

Regenovue Filler is a popular dermal filler brand, which can be used to augment facial features, replace volume, and minimise fine lines and wrinkles. There are three hyaluronic acid fillers to choose from, each with their own benefits and advisable treatment areas. 

What is Regenovue Filler made from? 

Regenovue Filler is made from cross-linked hyaluronic acid, and there are three different viscosity levels for each type.

How long does Regenovue last for? 

Regenovue lasts for around 8 to 12 months, depending on which filler you have, the treatment area, your skin type, age and metabolism.

What are the three Regenovue Fillers? 

The three Regenovue fillers are Regenovue Fine Plus, Regenovue Deep Plus, and Regenovue Sub-Q Plus. They each have different uses and benefits.

Regenovue Fine Plus: 

  • Has high Viscosity
  • A stable cross-linked HA structure 
  • It’s commonly used for Russian Lips 
  • It’s ideal for correcting fine lines and wrinkles including glabellar lines, perioral lines and crows feet

Regenovue Deep Plus: 

  • Has medium viscosity.
  • Provides natural looking results, 
  • Can be used for medium to deep wrinkles, including glabellar and marionette lines, and nasolabial folds.
  • Define & shape lips, chin, cheeks, forehead.

Sub-Q Plus:

  • Is the most viscous and dense.
  • It’s the thickest filler, so it’s ideal for adding volume. 
  • Corrects deep folds and wrinkles.
  • Defines the cheeks, cheekbones, jawline.

Alternatives to Regenovue

Dermal Filler Benefits Treatment Areas Longevity of Results Price Similar To:
Eloquence Fine It's a lightweight filler, which provides natural results, whilst reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Commonly used for 'Russian Lips,' and fills fine lines such as crow's feet. 6 to 12 months £30 Regenovue Fine Plus
Eloquence Deep Eloquence Deep is a thicker filler that treats deeper wrinkles, hydrates and plumps the skin, and enhances your features. It's ideal for use on the lips, cheeks, and chin. It can also treat deep wrinkles, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds. 8 to 18 months £30 Regenovue Deep Plus
Eloquence Sub-Q Eloquence Sub-Q is ideal for treating deeper wrinkles and skin depressions, and defining the jawline. jawline, cheeks, chin, severe wrinkles. 12 to 18 months £30 Regenovue Sub-Q Plus

Buy Regenovue at Refine Group:

You can purchase Regenovue at Refine Group, or our incredible alternative Eloquence. If you want to find out more information about Eloquence filler, here.

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