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Cannulas vs Needles – What’s best for dermal filler treatments?

By December 7, 2021October 7th, 2022No Comments

Many dermatologists and cosmetic practitioners favour using cannulas or needles to safely and comfortably administer aesthetic injectables like dermal fillers. These have become increasingly popular over the years to enhance people’s facial features and reverse the effects of ageing, without resorting to surgery. 

Both cannulas and needles are viable tools with their own pros and cons, but which one is better for dermal filler treatments? 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the cannulas vs needles debate, explaining the differences between the two techniques, how they are used in certain situations and what effect they have on the patient. 


What are cannulas? 

Cannulas are blunt-tipped needles that can be inserted into the skin at an oblique angle via a single point of entry. This allows them to move more easily through soft tissue, avoiding blood vessels in the process which results in less trauma and bruising after the procedure than traditional needles. In addition, they are often wider in diameter, allowing for a larger surface area to be treated. 


What are needles?

Needles, on the other hand, are sharp-tipped and are penetrated straight into the skin with multiple entry points for full coverage. This means they are more likely to pierce any blood vessels, increasing the risk of bruising and vascular occlusions. However, they are thinner in diameter, making them more precise and easier to use for surgeons to reach smaller areas of the face. 


When to use cannulas and needles for dermal filler injections 

For fine lines or smaller treatment areas around the lips, needles are the preferred appliance because they offer practitioners better control and are perfect for maintaining subtle, natural-looking results.

However, if you need to treat larger areas and a continuous flow of filler, then cannulas offer better results since they are significantly longer than needles and able to reach further into your skin. Plus, they are ideal for treating sensitive areas such as under the eyes (tear troughs) where injections can be more painful. 



So, who wins the cannulas vs needles dispute? Well, each has their own merits in the medical aesthetic world, and any qualified surgeon or cosmetic practitioner will have experience in using both products, but it all depends on each client’s facial structure and desired outcome. 


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