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As an aesthetics practitioner, it’s vital that you create a welcoming, clean and organised atmosphere for your clients to receive the best possible treatment. One way this can be achieved is by stocking your clinic with essentials, whether that’s products to keep your clinic sterilised or trendy aesthetic products that your clients want. In this post, we’ve compiled a few essentials for your aesthetics clinic so that you are equipped and ready for success.

Spectricept on a white background to show it is an essential for your aesthetics clinic


Spectricept is a necessity in a clinic as it can be used before and after aesthetic treatments to cleanse the skin thoroughly. It provides protection and support to the skin whilst also healing and soothing. Spectricept controls any redness and is free from alcohol, sulphates or any preservative that can irritate the skin, especially post treatment. This formulation aids in preventing or exacerbating dry skin conditions and is suitable for all skin types. It has antimicrobial properties that removes 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

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BD Plastipak Syringe on a blue background to show it is an essential for your aesthetics clinic

Needles, syringes & cannulas

As an aesthetics practitioner, you need a range of needles, syringes and cannulas for various treatments. Within these different categories, there are also numerous sizes that are suitable for certain treatment areas. You may use smaller needles for products like skin boosters, cannulas to reduce side effects like bruising or swelling and syringes for products like dermal fillers. Here at Refine Clinical Wholesale, we carry big name brands like BD and Softfil.

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Sharpsguard 1 litre bin on yellow background to show it is an essential for your aesthetics clinic


With any organisation that performs treatments using needles, a Sharpsguard bin should be used for disposal. If tools like needles are not disposed of correctly, it could cause scratches or skin related injuries. By preventing injuries, you are minimising any contact with blood and cross contamination. You can use a Sharpsguard bin to throw away hypodermic needles, scissors, syringes and more.

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Jalupro Face Mask on pink gradient background to show it is an essential for your aesthetics clinic

Post-treatment care

Offering products that can provide post treatment care can soothe a client’s skin and deliver additional benefits to the skin. You can use them after a treatment or your client can use them in between treatment sessions. This includes face masks that can work to increase hydration in the skin and reduce post treatment side effects like redness.

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HArmonyCa on a yellow background, it is a skin booster and is an essential for your aesthetics clinic

Skin boosters

Skin boosters are an essential for your aesthetics clinics as they are a popular treatment that focuses on rejuvenating and rehydrating the skin. They are popular as they are minimally invasive and not only improve the look of the skin, but the health too. When injected, they can build the skin barrier and produce natural looking results.

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