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Tik Tok trends are ever changing, with slugging, quiet luxury and donut glazed skin being a few that have taken the platform by storm. The latest this summer is the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic which is all about simplicity and natural, glowing looking skin that give off the appearance of effortless beauty. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can achieve ‘clean girl’ skin that is luminous, healthy and fresh.

Cleanse skin of any impurities

By cleansing the skin of impurities such as dirt, bacteria or excess makeup you are reducing the chances of issues like acne or irritation.

Double cleansing

Double cleansing is a thorough way to make sure any residual dirt or makeup isn’t left on the skin and is a great way to prepare the skin for any other skincare products to follow. The first cleanser used is a cleansing oil that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural moisturising properties and is ideal for removing any harsh eye makeup. The second cleanser used should be a regular water based cleanser to remove anything that hasn’t been removed with the first cleanser. This preps the skin for any moisturisers, serums or other products to follow.

Close up of woman looking in the mirror and cleansing the skin - by cleansing and using a toner you can achieve 'clean girl' skin


After cleansing the skin, you may want to apply a toner to add some essential ingredients back into the skin. They work by sealing the pores up after cleansing to protect your complexion whilst also reducing issues like uneven skin tone. This is ideal when trying to achieve ‘clean girl’ skin as you want your complexion to be smooth, even and luminous.

Rich, nourishing skin care

To achieve ‘clean girl’ skin, it’s important we start off with products you use on a daily basis in your skincare routine.


The key ingredient to ‘clean girl’ skin is having hydrated skin as this results in skin appearing plump, smooth and radiant. Having a moisturiser with rich, nourishing properties is the easiest way to achieve this. Look for a moisturiser that contains elements like peptides as these stimulate collagen production and vitamins that ensure your skin remains supple and glowy.


Serums can target specific skin concerns like fine lines or uneven skin tones to ultimately create a youthful looking ‘clean girl’ complexion. In comparison to moisturisers, they contain a high concentration of various active ingredients. This includes effective ingredients such as vitamin C that can reduce hyperpigmentation or hyaluronic acid that combats signs of ageing and intensely targets dry, lacklustre skin.

Neofound Serum on a yellow background with white U shaped model - to show what product looks like

Here at Refine Clinical Wholesale, we recommend Neofound Serum. It is a customer favourite due to its many beneficial qualities like improving overall skin, stimulating collagen and reducing signs of ageing. It can even be used in conjunction with Neofound Skin Booster.

Injectable treatments

Injectable treatments are a quick, easy and instant way to rejuvenate and insanely hydrate the skin.


Polynucleotides are an injectable treatment that revitalise the skin from within. When injected into the skin, the kickstart processes that provide food or medicine for our cells that speed up repair and turnover. This results in glowing skin and issues such as wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation minimised to help achieve ‘clean girl’ skin. Learn more about polynucleotides and how they work here.

Skin boosters

Skin boosters are often referred to as ‘injectable moisturisers’ due to their ability to immediately and intensely hydrate the skin. This stimulates collagen and elastin processes and plumps the skin whilst also targeting issues such as uneven skin tone and fine lines. They crafted using the hyaluronic acid, a natural substance produced by the body to retain moisture. In skin boosters, this key ingredient has been chemically engineered to enhance it’s many beneficial qualities.

Levair is a hybrid skin booster used to increase hydration in the skin - it is a great summer skin treatment

Levair is the latest, innovative polynucleotide treatment to reach Refine Clinical Wholesale. It is a hybrid skin booster and polynucleotide that uses a combination of hyaluronic acid and PDRN to promote regeneration of cells whilst improving hydration, elasticity and collagen production. This results in firmer, younger looking skin, ideal for achieving ‘clean girl’ skin.

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