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January Skin Detox

By January 1, 2024January 3rd, 2024No Comments

As we bid farewell to the holiday season and welcome the new year, January marks the perfect time to start taking of your skin. The indulgences of the festive period, paired with the harsh winter weather can leave the skin feeling dull, dehydrated and lacklustre. Keep reading to find out some January skin detox treatments to bring your skin back to life.

Cleansers & Exfoliation


Cleansing the skin is a great way to begin detoxifying your skin. A cleanser can remove a build up of dirt, bacteria and excess makeup that may sit on the surface of the skin that could to lead issues such as acne breakouts and clogged pores. There are many cleansers available but it is important to look for a cleanser that is gentle, especially during the colder months as your skin becomes more dry and vulnerable. Double cleansing is a method that is favoured and is where you use an oil based cleanser and then a regular cleanser cream or solution to remove any remaining impurities and further cleanse the skin.


Using a gentle exfoliator on the skin is the next step after cleansing that aids in further cleaning the surface of the skin. They work by removing dead skin cells, toxins and impurities that sit on the skin.  There are many different types such as chemical based ones, exfoliation tools and granular scrubs but it’s important not to use ones that are too abrasive on the skin. This can damage your skin barrier and leave the skin irritated.

Detoxifying masks

Using a detoxifying face mask can draw any impurities like clogged pores out of the skin. There are various kinds available but some popular ones are clay masks and charcoal masks. It deeply cleanses the skin and the pores to improve your overall complexion. It creates a clean base for your next skin care steps and provides deeper absorption for them to work more efficiently. A detoxifying face mask can also improve skin texture, battle blemishes and even prevent further breakouts from occurring if used on a regular basis.

Eating well & staying hydrated

Eating healthy

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is vital to healthy feeling and looking skin. Focus on food groups that are high in oily fats such as salmon, sardines and trout as these improve elasticity within the skin, reducing signs of ageing such as wrinkles. You can also take supplements to build up substances that may be lacking such as collagen, vitamin D, E and C. These can aid in strengthening the skin barrier, resulting in glowing skin.

Stay hydrated

It’s recommended that you drink somewhere between 6-8 glasses of fluids a day to keep your body hydrated. Hydration is key when it comes to keeping the skin healthy, it balances the pH levels in the body, prevents further breakouts and increases elasticity in the skin.

Steam your face

By steaming your face, you are stimulating the skin to promote circulation and are also removing any trapped sebum that may be in your pores. It softens blackheads, making it easier to remove through using masks or exfoliators. It increases hydration by promoting oil production and naturally moisturises the face. It can also feel soothing and relaxing on the face. especially during these colder months.

Skin boosters

Skin boosters are injectable treatments that work to improve the skin’s texture, hydration and overall complexion. It is formulated using the key ingredient hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found within the body. Its benefits include stimulating the natural production of collagen and elastin to create firm, healthy looking skin. Skin boosters can retain large amounts of moisturise and hydration, making them the perfect treatment to prepare your skin for the new year.

At Refine Clinical Wholesale, we have a range of skin boosters available to suit your desired skin goals.

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