Juvéderm Volbella Single – (1 x 1ml)

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1 x 1ml

Juvéderm Volbella is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, used to define the lips and correct any fine lines around the mouth.

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    What is Juvéderm Volbella Single 1 x 1ml?

    Juvéderm Volbella single 1 x 1ml is a dermal filler used to define the lips and correct any lines and wrinkles around the mouth. This filler is made of Hyaluronic Acid and does not require a skin test before your injections. The smaller Hyaluronic Acid particle size in Juvéderm Volbella allows your cosmetic injector to treat fine lines without getting a full look in these delicate areas.

    Volbella is the perfect product to choose for small fine lines and subtle enhancement of the lips. The smaller particle size allows for the correction of these fine areas without the worry that your lips will get bulky or too puffy.

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    How long does Juvéderm Volbella Single 1 x 1ml last?

    Juvéderm fillers will last up to 12 months, depending on the client’s metabolism, the treatment area, and the client’s age and lifestyle. Juvéderm will provide the client with immediate, yet natural looking results.

    Are there any risks?

    Dermal fillers should be carried out by a fully trained practitioner, to ensure that the treatment is safe. You should always consult a doctor before any treatment, and they will be able to help you choose the right treatment. You should inform your doctor of any allergies you have, medication you take, and pre-existing medical conditions.

    Pregnant or lactating women should not use Juvéderm products.

    What are the side effects?

    The side effects are minimal, but you may experience some swelling, which fades within 48 hours. Any bruising can take up to 2 weeks to completely fade. You may also experience sore or tender lips for the first few days, so proper after care is important. Your doctor should also discuss these steps with you.

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