Nucleofill Eyes

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Nucleofill Eyes is designed to be used in the delicate under eye area. It rejuvenates this area whilst reducing signs of ageing too.

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    What is Nucleofill Eyes?

    Nucleofill Eyes (known as Nucleofill Soft Plus) is designed to be used in the delicate under eye area. It can not only rejuvenate this area, but reduce signs of ageing too. This includes fine lines, wrinkles and dark under eyes. It is formulated using polynucleotides to provide brightening and youthful looking results.

    What are polynucleotides?

    Polynucleotides are synthetic chains of nucleotides which are naturally gained from our diets and formed in the liver. In Nucleofill, the polynucleotides have been specially engineered to provide various benefits including supplying food and medicine to the skin cells. This supports the growth and repair of the skin cells which ultimately results in healthier looking skin.

    Check out this ‘What Are Polynucleotides?‘ blog post to learn more.

    What issues can Nucleofill Eyes treat?

    It can target the following issues:

    • Reduces signs of ageing – including fine lines, wrinkles and sagging under eyes
    • Minimises the appearance of periocular wrinkles
    • Brightens and plumps the delicate eye area

    Side Effects

    There are minimal side effects with Nucleofill Eyes, including; bruising, redness and slight swelling at the injection site/s. These side effects should subside within a week.

    We have a range of Nucleofill products here at Refine Clinical Wholesale. You can check them out here.

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