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Quick Content Ideas for Aesthetics Clinics

By August 21, 2023No Comments

It can be tricky to navigate what to post online for your aesthetics clinic in the sea of content posted daily on social platforms. Trends are always changing and so are algorithms of what performs well, but here are a few tips of content ideas for aesthetics clinics, that can help you get started on your social media journey.

Before & After photos/reels

Before & after style posts do particularly well online when it comes to content ideas for aesthetics clinics, as it is a clear representation of your work. It’s what your followers really want to see and is the perfect opportunity for you to build an online ‘portfolio’ or collection of work to draw in new customers.

Behind the scenes

Social media has made us realise one thing, and that is that people are very nosey. In terms of content, this works to your benefit as it gives you the opportunity to share behind the scenes content of running a clinic. This can range from:

  • Day in my life as an aesthetician/injector – an Instagram reel/TikTok with clips throughout the start of your work day to the end
  • 5 things I like to do to prep my clinic – this could be either an Instagram reel or an Instagram carousel


Testimonials are one of the best and easiest posts to share on social platforms. They do not take a long time to create and help install further trust in, not only your followers, but other potential clients, that may be thinking of buying products or a service off you.

Educate, educate, educate

People on social platforms are always keen to know and learn more. This varies from what products do, how a treatment can benefit them, and also things such as misconceptions with certain aesthetic treatments.

You can create fun and interesting education posts by sharing:

  • Infographics – a post with eye-catching graphics explaining a certain topic, such as ‘What Do Dermal Fillers Do?’ works extremely well on socials, and can be reposted on several social platforms without having to be resized or reformatted.
  • Reels/TikToks discussing topics – This style of content works better on platforms such as TikTok. You could do this by simply using the green screen filter and discussing topics like misconceptions of treatments such as fat dissolver.


When people post on social platforms, they often neglect the story feature as it only lasts 24 hours, but this can actually be a quick and easy way to interact with your audience.

You can use your stories to:

  • Share others posts – this could range from clients that have used your products or received treatment from you and have shared a picture of the results or even posts from brands/influencers that align with your brand
  • Use story features – on platforms such as Instagram, they have features such as polls and questions which you can use to do a FAQ or Q&A and even a quiz
  • You can also post in time pictures of your day, especially if you have an event like a training day

Seasonal/themed days

Use any seasonal or themed days to your advantage when creating content. This could be sharing promotional posts around the holidays, such as Christmas. You could also use themed days, for example ‘Best Treatments for Brides‘ during wedding season or ‘Treatments for Menopausal Ladies‘ on world menopause day.

Weekly topics

A way to regulate the content you post is by having weekly topics. For example, you could do skincare Sunday and accompany these posts with a hashtag also, so more people can find your content.  Some other options could be fun fact Friday or Tuesday tips. The possibilities are endless, so get creative, and ideas and content for your aesthetics clinic will come!

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