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Safe Reopening!

By February 26, 2021April 26th, 2021No Comments


First of all you need to stock up on more of the essentials to keep you and your patients safe – disposable masks, full face visor, gloves, aprons, a digital thermometer and lots of hand sanitiser!

Before clients book in you may want to send out a survey, why? Because it is vital to check if they have symptoms of COVID-19, have previously had COVID-19, if they’re vulnerable, if they or someone they live with are shielding. This information is very important for you to make sure their appointments are safe to go ahead, whilst making sure you, your employees and the patients are kept protected. Using apps such as Faces and Phorest gives you the ability to send digital consultation forms straight to the client, along with new T’s and C’s regarding COVID-19. Once all this information is provided you can then book their appointment.

As waiting areas are restricted you need to make sure your clients are aware to arrive on time, you can include this on their reminder email or text but also put this out on your social media. Make sure you’re giving yourself extra time after each client, to make sure your client has left before the next one arrives and to fully sanitise your area.

As it is now mandatory to wear masks indoors, make sure you have yours on and have some spare in case your client forgets theirs, because we’ve all done it! (This can be free or chargeable) But you can also put this on their reminder emails/text and again pop it on your social media. Things are going to be different when your client arrives. First of all you will need to do temperature checks on your clients arrival, this should be done by the practitioner, as this limits to number of people your client comes into contact with.

The government advises card payments if possible. You can offer pre-payments when booking, bank transfer or PayPal.

Please be aware to keep up to date with the government guidelines. Happy safe re-opening!

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