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How to Update Your Summer Skin Care Routine

By May 22, 2023No Comments

Summer is a challenging time for your skincare routine. Most people notice that a routine that makes you glow in the winter can feel overdone in the summer sun. Sweat, time spent outdoors, and getting enough SPF sun protection are all serious considerations for keeping your skin fresh, healthy, and hydrated all summer long.

Fortunately, you’re not the first to plan ahead for your summer skin care routine, and you won’t be the last. We’ve put together everything you need to know to rebuild your skincare for the summer with these helpful summer skin care tips.

Wash Your Face at Key Times Each Day

First, rethink when and how you wash your face. Face washing is vital during the summer, but you also don’t want to wash too much or too roughly. Consider using hydrating cleansers and prioritising times of day when your face and oil profile benefit most from a quick cleanse.

Best Times to Wash Your Face in the Summer

  • Wash First Thing in the Morning
  • Wash Between Lotion and Sunscreen
  • Wash After a Sweaty Adventure
  • Wash Before Bed

Most people won’t need to wash their face four times a day (two is ideal) but definitely wash whenever you feel that your pores are at risk from sebum, sweat, or sunscreen.

Wear and Re-Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must! Getting the right amount of SPF for the sun intensity in your region is important to protect your sun from crisping with sunburn right now and reduces your long-term risk of skin cancer in the future.

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SPF Moisturiser and Makeup

When it comes to sunscreen on your face, most poolside-strength sunscreen is too heavy or oily. But don’t worry. Lots of moisturisers and makeup foundations have an SPF rating that will keep your precious cheeks, nose, and eyelids from burning in the summer sun. Look for lightweight summer options that feel breezy when applied multiple times a day.

Choose Lightweight Skincare Products & Cosmetics

If you wear daily skincare products or makeup, switch to lightweight formulas. If you wear makeup, reduce the layers and weight of each layer. If you wear a daily moisturiser, look for a lighter-weight formula or try a moisturising toner instead.

Gently Exfoliate Daily

Exfoliation is the best way to remove unwanted build-up on your skin, and not just on your face. You can cleanse your pores of chlorine, sunscreen, and sebum all at once with gentle exfoliation daily – or at least a few times a week. Use a refreshing Epsom Salt scrub to promote your body’s moisture absorption, and you’ll also be helping your cells to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

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Chill Out in the Shade

Stick to the shady paths whenever possible during the height of summer. Minimise your skin’s direct exposure to sunlight by enjoying awnings, umbrellas, and sun-dappled shady canopies of trees overhead. Choose indirect sunlight over direct sunlight every time. You can also minimise your exposure by wearing airy clothing that covers your arms and legs, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses when you have to spend time in direct sunlight.

Enjoy Nourishing Face Masks on Summer Spa Days

Face masks are a favourite summer skin care tip because they are luxurious and relaxing, as well as good for your skin. Summertime is a season of dry wind and even drier AC breezes. Set aside time each weekend for a little spa-day and mix yourself a facial mask. Avocado, honey, yogurt, papaya, lemon, turmeric; pick your favourite ingredients and let your face absorb some moisture and nutrients for a refreshing summer skin care routine.

Moisturise for Summer Days In the AC

Of course, taking care of your skin when you’re spending summer days indoors is just as important. During the summer, the AC runs constantly, which dries out the air and can leave your skin parched. Even if you’re not heading out in to the hot sun every day, remember to moisturise regularly – and not just your face.

Apply a lightweight summer lotion or moisturising toner to your entire body at least once a day to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy all summer long.

Add Vitamin C Serum to Your Routine

Vitamin C is something that we normally associate with a healthy immune system, but it’s also great for healthy skin. During the summer, applying vitamin C topically can avoid hyperpigmentation: tanning too much and in weird ways. Vitamin C can promote collagen production and improve the appearance of fine lines, which often become more prominent in the summer sun.

It is recommended that vitamin C serum should be applied between cleansing your face and applying your first layer of moisturiser. This will ensure your skin absorbs the serum instead of being trapped on the wrong side of your moisturising sunscreen. A little vitamin C in your serum also goes a long way.

Drink Plenty of Water

Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated. The water you drink distributes moisture to cells all over your body – including your skin. Drinking plenty of water during the summer will help your skin to stay moisturised and healthy. Make sure to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go, and try to find yourself refilling the bottle a few times each day.

Take Care of Your Skin This Summer with a New Summer Skin Care Routine

Every season brings new challenges to staying healthy. With these summer skin care tips, you can make sure you achieve a healthy glow all summer long. Wear SPF to avoid sunburns and reduce your risk of skin cancer, cover up and stick to the shade when you’re not swimming, and stay hydrated during summer activities. And don’t forget to change up your moisturiser and cosmetics for summer-ready products. For more summer health tips, read our Summer Body Ready Tips blog.

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